"You are only limited in what you can do By the limitations of your own mind"
Blake Beattie Blue Print for Success

How to Achieve Extraordinary Results in Record Time

How clear are you and your staff on the outcomes you seek? Are you confident that your best plans will deliver awesome results? Blueprint for Success will enable you and your team to gain the edge on the competition. You will learn an easy way to gain clarity on what you want and a foolproof system that will take you there. Success has 3 crucial ingredients: Doing things right; doing the right things and completing tasks at the right time. Without clear focus and direction, you and your organisation will not produce the kind of results for which you are capable. This seminar is the ultimate, next generation achievement program that will fast track your success. Imagine reaching each goal you set on time, every time. Imagine no more...

How your employees will benefit from this session

1. The POWERTIP™ System

  • Discover the 8 key reasons why most goal achievement approaches are flawed
  • Learn the sensational, next generation POWERTIPTM Achievement System
  • Be inspired by the goals you set with the confidence that you will achieve each one of them
  • Find out the 3 secrets to enhancing momentum and focus

2. The Triple P Effectiveness Blueprint

  • Learn the process of turning goals into simple plans, plans into actions, and actions into first class results for maximum 'Return On Investment'
  • Uncover the secrets of making the most out of your limited time, money and energy
  • Discover the simple, yet highly effective Triple P Effectiveness Blueprint™

3. Blasting through the Barriers to Success

  • Identify the barriers (both internally and externally) that block your path to achievement
  • Learn the key steps to breaking through success barriers using the Obstacle Override Technique.

4. Timeline Technique

  • Insert your goal into your subconscious mind using the powerful Timeline visualisation technique that world class athletes use
  • Future-pace your goals and learn simple, effective ways toward reverse engineering your goals into reality

"It is always exciting and memorable to experience "the Beattie" phenomenon in the training and public speaking arenas. He keeps a captive audience on the edge of their seats with his amusing anecdotes and attention-grabbing subject matter."

Life Directions, T King - Director
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