"You are only limited in what you can do By the limitations of your own mind"
Blake Beattie Performance Builder

How to harness employee motivation and build world-class
employee performance

This power-packed seminar is guaranteed to improve effectiveness and motivation at work. You will discover the best-kept secrets in overcoming obstacles; develop critical mind shifts that extend current capabilities and learn to breakthrough limiting habits towards unparalleled results. Motivation doesn"t last, but habits do. So, how do you construct winning work habits that create momentum? Performance Builder will show you how and is designed to give your employees the very best strategies to succeed in all aspects of work and life. Dynamic, entertaining and educational, Performance Builder is a must for any organisation that wants to get the most from their employees.

How your employees will benefit from this seminar

1. Motivation Magic

  • Discover the core drivers of employee behaviour through the revolutionary PERLS™ Motivation System
  • Learn the Triple Strength Formula towards creating better work 'flow' & sustained motivation
  • Uncover The Energy Investment Model and its affect on workplace performance
  • Learn Blake's FIVESTAR Momentum System™ & the 4 Quadrant Model of Momentum©, hailed as the leading system in maintaining motivation

2. Superior Habit Building

  • Discover the 4 pillars of Habit Shift©
  • Find out the secrets to banishing bad habits forever
  • Learn the top 5 work habits and how to utilise them daily

3. Mind Shift

  • Uncover the 'Business Placebo Effect' and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • Discover the 3 secrets to removing limiting workplace beliefs & what that can mean to performance
  • Understand the immense power of our minds in business & life
  • Learn how to reframe thoughts, feeling and actions towards greater effectiveness
  • Find out how to use 'Emotional Anchors' in business to maintain positive momentum towards the outcomes you seek

4. Overcoming Obstacles

  • Unearth the top 7 obstacles that prevent peak performance
  • Learn the 3 step approach to turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Discover external and internal obstacles and how to blast them out of the way
  • Breakthrough change resistance towards better performance

"Blake's presentation inspired our teachers to take on new challenges in a positive light and re-define their belief systems. Thoroughly worthwhile and dynamic presentation".

A Mort - Former NSW Principal of the Year, Department of Education and Training
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