"You are only limited in what you can do By the limitations of your own mind"
Blake Beattie Sales & Service Wizardry

How to Turbo-Charge your Sales and deliver Sensational Service

Sales and customer service are the lifeblood of any business. The more skilled your organisation is in this area, the greater the rewards will be. It is amazing how many businesses have sales and service strategies that are outdated, ineffective and yield average results at best. In today's competitive marketplace, it is no longer okay to be "good" - you must be a lot better than "good". Sales and Service Wizardry is the leading sales and service program based on Blake's work with numerous organisations over the past 15 years. This program is fully customised for your organisation's unique selling and service needs. Your team will unlock the sales and customer service wizard within and then use it to produce incredible results. It can focus purely on sales or customer service or in combination. Dynamic, fun, and sales changing!

NOTE: For smaller groups, Blake is able to utilise his High Definition Video Camera to record and playback Sales and Service Delivery methods - a powerful learning tool.

How your employees will benefit from this session

1. The SPIRITED™ Service Delivery Model

  • Discover the 8 keys to delivering sensational customer service using Blake's SPIRITED Service Delivery Model
  • Learn how to move customers up the ladder of loyalty faster
  • Create an action plan for better service delivery that will yield amazing results

2. The Sales and Service Magic Mindset

  • Discover the 5 ways to develop the ultimate sales and service mindset that world champion athletes use
  • Understand the "nocebo business effect" and how it affects performance

3. The 6 Steps of Sensational Selling

  • Discover the 6 steps of the sales process
  • Find out how to deal with the major customer types to best meet their needs
  • Uncover and better utilise the one word which makes the biggest difference in sales
  • Learn what Sales Wizards do that average sales people do not

4. Overcoming Objections the Easy Way

  • Understand the 3 objection types and what they "really mean"
  • Discover simple, yet powerful techniques to deal with those objections to gain more sales, more often
  • Learn how to ensure the customer feels "after sales elation" as opposed to the much feared "after sales depression."

5. The 7 Heavenly Seeds of Selling

  • Discover the 7 Heavenly Seeds of Selling
  • Uncover proven techniques to make the seeds work for you on a daily basis

"Blake was exceptional. It was the best, most important seminar for a sales person or anyone who wants direction in life"

First National Real Estate, S Mandle - Manager
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